Oslo, Norway

Trends in Scandinavian Film and TV

online course
when 28 June 2021 - 6 August 2021
language English
duration 6 weeks
credits 15 EC

From a national and international perspective, contemporary Scandinavian cinema is doing very well. At home, audiences show an active interest in Scandinavian productions, and films are an integral part in debates concerning cultural and identity politics. Internationally, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish films have received critical appraisal, with these countries managing to successfully compete with Hollywood. The television dramas have developed large fan-bases outside Scandinavia and have earned the marketing term ‘Nordic Noir’, and films regularly win awards at major international film festivals in addition to screening in mainstream cinemas. Scandinavian filmmakers like Lars von Trier, Joachim Trier, and Ruben Östlund have played active roles in contemporary world cinema and have found careers outside their home countries. Coming from a region of roughly twenty million people, the success of Scandinavian cinema is truly outstanding.

This course will explore contemporary Scandinavian cinema with a focus on how this ‘new wave’ of modern films have been able to achieve such global success. Not only do these films rework genre conventions such as horror, crime and comedy to make themselves a niche, but their social realist dramas are able to bring attention to global issues surrounding immigrant and Sami cinema, global conflicts, sexuality and gender, as well as nationalism and cultural politics.

In addition to understanding these contemporary topics, this course will also examine how these films are made, from the roles of the film practitioners to the part the government plays in funding these productions. Overall, this course will provide a better understanding of the inner workings of these contemporary Scandinavian films.

Target group

Applicants must meet the minimum requirements for entrance to higher education in Norway.

Course aim

This course provides students with the basic terms and concepts for studying and analyzing film in a political, social and cultural context. Methods in contemporary Scandinavian cinema is a major concept under investigation in this course. After completing this course, students will gain insights into the major themes in contemporary Scandinavian cinema and key practices through the funding and production of films, as well as the ability to conduct a close analysis of moving images in order to critically assess what films do. In addition to contextualizing and theorizing film, students will be able to compare and contrast various films and their respective aesthetics and embedded ideologies based on thematic criteria, and contextualize films in terms of popular auteurs, themes and recent film history.

Fee info

NOK 0: Due to the fluid situation regarding the Coronavirus, all Bachelor's courses will be offered as digital courses, at no cost (students must buy course books themselves).