Paris, France

Global Politics in the 21st century

online course
when 1 June 2021 - 10 July 2021
language English
duration 6 weeks
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 1260

For business people of our times, in-depth understanding of major issues in international relations is no longer a bonus competence but has become a fundamental skill.
On a practical level, the course also aims at developing students’ skills in writing succinct pieces of informed analysis.
The course also includes master classes will be included with international experts.
This class is accessible to all time zones, as all live sessions will be recorded and then made accessible to students at all time.

Course content
Week 1: Kick-off
You will learn how to identify reliable, research-informed high-quality sources on issues of global relevance. You will study fundamental documents that are essential for a better understanding of the climate change and sustainability debate. You will launch your “e-Portfolio” project assignment.

Week 2: Climate change and global responsibility
You will adopt a multi-dimensional approach on sustainable development, by integrating a historical perspective, conceptual definitions, and the debate on different actors in global sustainability, including the responsibility of business. You will follow an asynchronous workshop on writing skills.

Week 3: Multilateralism
You will analyze and assess the attempts to formulate global solutions to global problems, by means of a case study on what is now known as “The Paris Agreement”. You will refine your understanding of the roles and constraints of actors in international relations. You will apply your knowledge in a first written assignment.

Week 4: The European Union as innovative model
You will analyze the European Union as a life-size laboratory experiment carried out in real time, assessing its achievements and shortcomings against its potential role as inspiration for regional and global governance. You will discover the dynamic of the European Single Market.

Week 5: Europe on the global scene
You will adopt a European perspective on the global scene, understanding how values, such as those underpinning liberal democracy, influence and external policies. You will assess its credibility, influence, and inherent contradictions, through the analysis of current dynamics between the world’s large economic blocs. You will apply your knowledge in a second written assignment.

Week 6: Course wrap-up
You will bring together the different topics addressed in the course. You will be able to discuss outstanding questions with the course leader and international experts. In addition to the individual feedback already received, you will have a collective course wrap-up, and you will finalise and submit your e-Portfolio.

Throughout the course, students will complete an e-Portfolio. The e-Portfolio is a personal, digital course diary, a space of reflection fed both through weekly tasks and individual self-assessment. It is a tool that accompanies the learning process without being just another written paper assignment.

Course leader

Professor Sonntag has been teaching at ESSCA School of Management for over twenty years now, in courses spanning from international relations and political science to social psychology and business ethics.

Target group

This course is targeted at students who aim at being responsible professionals and citizens in an increasingly complex global environment, in which political events, trends, and dynamics permanently interfere with trade and business.

Course aim

Learning objectives
- Gain in-depth knowledge about major issues that shape international relations in our times
- Develop a critical, global mindset
- Acquire the capacity to produce informed analysis of events, trends, and developments of geopolitical relevance

Credits info

6 EC
6 ECTS or 3 American credits or 12 CATS.
You can combine this course with our "Innovation & Creativity" summer online course and try to obtain 12 ECTS credits, 6 American credits or 24 CATS.

Fee info

EUR 1260: 15% Early bird discount for early applicants, Code: EOC2021