Amsterdam, Netherlands

Flow for Scientists and Innovators

online course
when 10 January 2022 - 14 January 2022
language English
duration 1 week
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 800

The course will prepare you to enter the world of entrepreneurship by taking advantage of accelerating trends in technology, social organisation & culture. Learn how to make a wide-ranging impact on the world and solve the biggest challenges in business.
One of the main goals of the course is to show you how you can enter into exponential entrepreneurship, a term coined by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler. This means taking advantage of accelerating trends in technology, social organisation, and culture to make a wide-ranging impact on the world and to solve the biggest challenges in business.

In concrete terms, the primary outcomes and deliverables will be:

Students will produce a one-year personal development plan outlining their goals on a one-year time horizon, breaking it down into steps on a monthly timescale.
Students will perform an exercise that determines their interests and curiosities and finds the intersections between them. With this data, students will produce a short video introducing themselves and their main talents and interests, the combination of which is sure to fuel innovation and creativity. This short video will serve as the introduction to a longer-term strategic project.
Students will form groups and collaborate to produce an organisational plan and strategy for the one-year time horizon on how to implement a real-world project. This one-year strategic plan can be for a business, research, or even a creative project, such as a video or writing series.

Course leader

Matthew Halma

Target group

Open to Bachelor and Master’s students, PhD candidates, and professionals from all disciplines.
This course is aimed at students who are curious about the intersection between science and business and who wish to create a more significant impact from their scientific work.

In terms of personality, this course is for those willing to stretch themselves and take on ambitious projects. It’s for those who can learn rapidly (or are willing to) and who want to expand their capabilities beyond what they have learned throughout their academic lives.

In short, this course is for the aspiring entrepreneur.

Not necessarily the business-focused entrepreneur, but the entrepreneur that wants to create a project in any field, be it a research project, a creative work, or an undertaking with a social impact.

We welcome final year Bachelor and Master’s students, PhD candidates, and professionals from all disciplines. If you have doubts about your eligibility for the course, please contact us via

Course aim

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

- Increase their effectiveness from baseline by at least 25% by creating a personal development and career plan.
- Create a project outline for a current challenge or opportunity involving science and technology
- Set goals for a one-year time horizon.
- Establish connections with collaborators and support (e.g. grant agencies).
- Develop a communications strategy and create a short pitch for an idea.
- Start an ambitious project addressing challenges in science and technology-related sectors.

Credits info

2 EC
Contact hours: 25

Fee info

EUR 800: Fees
- Students and PhD Students: €600
- Professionals: €800
- Students, PhD students and employees at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Amsterdam UMC: €500
Applications received before the 1st of October (Early Bird Discount) receive €50 discount!

The tuition fee includes:
- Application and registration
- Exclusive course content for a limited number of students
- Individual/group guidance from course organiser
- Access to all online VU facilities such as the library and online learning environments
- A certificate of attendance after completing the course
- A transcript of records mentioning the grade and the obtained ECTS
- Full support of the winter school team
- Optional online social activity


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