Netherlands, Utrecht (Breukelen, Nyenrode Campus)

Spiritual Innovation

when 1 July 2013 - 5 July 2013
duration 1 week
credits 2 ECTS
fee EUR 875

We are facing the impact of an ‘economic tsunami’. The world today is changing rapidly and very unpredictably at many levels in society simultaneously. The implications are felt, directly or indirectly, by every world citizen. It requires leaders to work faster to keep up with an increasingly fast moving market and competition. Employees are also faced with these challenges as well as an increasing search for meaning in the workplace; where they are spending more and more of their waking hours. Even when they are not in the office they all too often are driven to access their e-mail to be kept updated outside working hours.

Now, more than ever before, we are continuously mentally occupied by our work. Managers and entrepreneurs often face the constant demands of the outer world to satisfy the stakeholders, employees and the market demands, without focusing inwards on their personal, human needs. Entrepreneurs who started their business with a lot of passion realize that they do not have the energy to manage business growth with all that it involves. They find that just managing takes a lot of their energy and does not leave them the time and energy they need to manage the other areas of their endeavors. These changes require new approaches to management. Different scholars propose ingredients for a new business paradigm.

This course will present a model for spiritual innovation based on a wholesome notion as an alternative paradigm for entrepreneurship.

Course leader

Sharda Nandram

Target group

The introduction to the course is ideal for any student or professional who wants to explore the new paradigm of spiritual innovation and new tools for management and for those seeking to become a more authentic and effective entrepreneur and leader in their business responsibilities.

Course aim

Become aware of the potential of spirituality for the field of entrepreneurship.

Get an understanding of spiritual innovation as an alternative paradigm and practice.

Get inspired by research findings and cases to apply spirituality in the management context.

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EUR 875: Course + course materials + housing + mealplan

EUR 600: Course + course materials + lunch


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