Bratislava, Slovakia

Cyber Security for Blockchain

when 15 August 2022 - 26 August 2022
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 10 EC
fee EUR 1300

The Summer School will focus on Smart Contracts and their nearly unlimited use-cases in the financial and public sector. Smart contracts belong to the most rapidly growing aspect of the world of Blockchains. This phenomenon attracts great attention from researchers but also from the business community. An essential part of smart contract application is operational security, including security incidents handling. Smart contracts allow running contract code transparently for all parties, without the need for a centralised authority.

One of the smart contract applications is the issuance of digital assets, so-called tokens, serving as fundraising fuel for Initial Coin Offerings. ICOs bring a new easy and bureaucracy-less way for start-ups to raise considerable funds from crowds with incredible speed. However, the technology hides a dark side in the form of speculative scams, hardly distinguishable from genuine fundraising activities. Evaluation audit of ICOs associated with the underlying security of smart contracts is a complex issue requiring many efforts.

Target group

Dimensions to be developed under the program:
- Automotive cyber security
- Cyber security in IoT
- Cyber security awareness based on machine learning
- Incident response and digital forensics based on machine learning

We welcome all interested and qualified participants to register.

Course aim

Participants will learn how to use one of the most popular blockchain frameworks, Ethereum, a prominent smart contract platform, and its dominant programming language, Solidity, with emphasis on security issues and cyber security concerns. Also, the student will gain insights into how decentralized finances are connected to ransomware and threats from cybercriminals.
On top of that, the participants will understand proactive security measures based on network monitoring and security incident handling based on machine learning.

Fee info

EUR 1300: Use 'EITsummer2022' discount code while submitting your application to benefit from the discounted tuition of 1300 EUR


Deferred Tuition Payment available