Florence - online, Italy

Healthy Herbs - Spring School Florence

online course
when 5 April 2022 - 9 April 2022
language English
duration 1 week
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 30

Learning about the use of medicinal herbs, ESCOP Monographs - Examples of Plants for Respiratory Disorders; Botanicals to support respiratory tract diseases: the case study of quercetin; Marshmallow and other herbs for cough and cold;

Course leader

Organizing and Scientific Committee: Prof. Dr. Anna Rita Bilia, PharmChemTechnD Lucia Grifoni, Dr. Giulia Vanti Department of Chemistry, University of Florence

Target group

Health care workers (nurse; physicians, massage)
Students in the healthcare sector (e.g. medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, nursing, massage, physiotherapy AND health care workers, health care professionals.

Course aim

learn about traditional use of medicinal plants and their antimicrobial potential
- Review popular medicinal herbal formulas from the perspective of modern evidence-based science
- get in touch with evidence based literature (with focus on plants for the respiratory system and to strenghten the immune system
- Create and develop and mix your own medicinal plant mixtures for the respiratory system
- be a part of the "remodelling the healthcare sysem" and be able to give a phytotherapeutical statement

Credits info

2 EC
Credits will be granted after passing the final EXAMINATION

Fee info

EUR 30: for all participants


5 participants from Germany and 5 participants from Austria