Jyväskylä, Finland

Topical Course on Digital Services

online course
when 8 August 2022 - 18 August 2022
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 5 EC

This course focuses on digital service research on a selected topical area. This summer we focus on how to improve people’s well-being/health with digital service innovations. The course is organized as a five-week intensive course as part of the 31st Jyväskylä Summer School (JSS31). The course literature is based on the 159 digital innovation articles published at the proceedings of International Conference on Information Systems (2016-2021) and Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences (2016-2021) and 117 articles published in Journal of Service Research (2000-2021) on different aspects of service design, development, and innovation. The idea is to give the students a broad understanding of the digital service innovation research as a body of knowledge. The course will be given in an online format.

Course leader

Mengcheng Li (Faculty of Information Technology, JYU)
Course coordinator: Professor Tuure Tuunanen (Faculty of Information Technology, JYU)

Target group

This course assumes that you have completed your bachelor’s studies and you are currently doing your master’s or doctoral studies. Preferably you have already done some courses in the area of digital services, but this is not a mandatory requirement.

Course aim

Learning outcomes:
· After the course students will have good knowledge and understanding of the selected topical digital service research area;
· Students are able to acquire knowledge and read critically relevant research articles in some of the leading academic journals and/or conference proceedings;
· Students are able to apply the selected conceptual tools, models and/or methods to develop a research essay on the given topic.

Fee info

EUR 0: Participation in the Summer School courses is free of charge, but students are responsible for covering their own meals, accommodation and travel costs as well as possible visa costs.


Jyväskylä Summer School is not able to grant Summer School students financial support.