Tartu, Estonia

Digital Product Management

when 31 July 2023 - 10 August 2023
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 500

This course provides an introduction to digital product management. We begin with the business model of a digital product, discuss how to come up with ideas and innovate digital products, learn about customers’ needs via user research, manage requirements and work with the concept of MVP, how to do user testing, manage the product roadmap, manage risks, and discuss product metrics.

We combine theory, case studies, and a project assignment to learn about digital product management. Upon completing this course, you will know more about how to understand, analyze, and develop a business model for a digital product, become aware of the different stages in digital product management, and be introduced to the different aspects a digital product manager works with.

The course can be taken on-site. We have a lecture and discussions in the morning session. Afternoon sessions are dedicated to self-study and project work.

Course leader

Kateryna Kubrak, PhD student

Target group

MA/PhD and advanced BA

Course aim

Students completing the course will:

Be able to understand, analyze, and develop a business model (using the business model canvas) for a digital product.
Gain a basic understanding of how to successfully manage a digital product.
Gain a good understanding of different disciplines related to digital product management (such as user experience, risk management, internal and external communications, road mapping, and release planning).

Fee info

EUR 500: Course fee
EUR 175: Accommodation in student dormitories


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