Amsterdam, Netherlands

Develop Yourself as a Leader

online course
when 16 January 2023 - 27 January 2023
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 4 EC
fee EUR 800

This programme will help you to become an effective leader in a variety of contexts. It will give you the insights, tools, and inspiration to boost your leadership skills. This course does not merely dig into concepts and theories, but also into your ambitions and what characterizes your authentic leadership style. This will not only help you to lead others, but also to be your own personal leader.

Course leader

Pim van Geest

Target group

For current Masters students and working professionals who want to develop agency over themselves and their career, or want to become a leader in their organization, whether that be in an academic setting, an NGO or business environment.

Course aim

This programme will bring together a diverse group of international participants to embark on a journey of rapid personal development. You will gain the knowledge, tools and techniques necessary to become a more effective leader and changemaker. We will cover this in a period of two weeks through live zoom sessions hosted by highly experienced guest speakers, as well as readings and assignments. This will help you develop both professionally and personally. By using our multi-method approach, we will gain insights in:

-What characterizes a great leader
-How you as a person can explore your own authentic leadership style. We will discuss your core values, ambitions, strengths, and development opportunities
-The various contexts in which you can be a leader. We will take a peek into the future, in order to adapt your skills to our ever-changing world
-Systems thinking and collective intelligence - these are essential elements which facilitate an effective style of leadership in the future
-Personal leadership as well as leadership within an organisation. We will discuss a number of essential concepts of governance that can be used in organisations, in order to improve your organisation-sensitivity

All of this will take place in the context of core ethical values that we hold as self-evident, such as equality and sustainability. Throughout this course, you will explore your goals and ambitions to get a better understanding of yourself. In the last session we will ask students to give a presentation about their progression during this programme. We will also form voluntary intervision groups so that you can connect with your peers to further discuss your progression during the programme and beyond.

Fee info

EUR 800: Tuition fee includes all course readings and materials, access to the digital library at the UvA , welcome and wrap-up sessions, both live and pre-recorded lectures, access to the digital learning environment, individual feedback from our instructors on all course assignments, and an official transcript or certificate of participation.


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