Gdańsk, Poland

QUantum and molEcUlEs

blended course
when 6 February 2023 - 10 February 2023
language English
duration 1 week
credits 3 EC

QUEUE = QUantum and molEcUlEs.

QUEUE II is perfect for all young scientists and students who wish to learn the basics and the advances in quantum ideas and methodologies, along with their practical applications in chemistry, electrochemistry, and material sciences.

Tutorials will be followed by laboratory classes, during which students will learn how to perform quantum-chemical computations. They will have a chance to solve nontrivial computational problems from scratch using a supercomputer and quantum software. In addition, they will learn the multiconfigurational methods - getting the next level of skills in quantum-chemical computations. During laboratory classes, students will visualize molecular structures and the orbitals - the outcome of their computations.

QUEUE II will be run in a hybrid mode (in-person and online). Participation in this intensive program is free of charge. Fifteen non-Polish students will be awarded a fellowship to partially reimburse the costs of the travel and living in Gdańsk. All Participants will receive a diploma certifying acquired skills and learning outcomes, as well as, ECTS credits collected during the training.

Course leader

Maciej Bobrowski -- PhD in Theoretical Chemistry. DSc in Physics. University professor. Current employment: Gdansk University of Technology, Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics, + Academic TASK Supercomputer Center.

Target group

Candidates to doctoral schools. PhD students and last-years students in Chemistry, Physics, Biology.

Course aim

1. To teach quantum-chemical methods.
2. To teach pragmatic ways of doing real computations for nontrivial problems.
3. To teach working under network Linux operating systems and at supercomputer.

Credits info

3 EC
1 ECTS credit for all participants truly taking part in classes, both in lectures and in laboratories.

Fee info

PLN 0: The intensive course is free, there is no any fee. 15 scholarships for abroad on site students, really coming to Poland/Gdańsk to take part in the course. No scholarships for on-line students


15 scholarships for abroad on-site students, really coming to Poland/Gdańsk to take part in the course. No scholarships for on-line students.