Denmark, Aarhus

The Milky Way: Properties, Formation, Evolution, and Dynamics

when 12 August 2013 - 23 August 2013
duration 2 weeks
credits 5 ECTS

Recent large-area sky surveys have shown our hosting Galaxy to be a complex and dynamic structure, still being shaped by mergers of smaller satellites as well as internal processes, far from a smooth simple component. The aim of the course is to give a comprehensive view of the physical, chemical, and kinematic properties of the stars comprising our Galaxy, helping to unveil the assembly and evolutionary history of the Milky Way.

Course leader

Victor Silva Aguirre, Aarhus

Target group

Master's students

Course aim

When the course is finished the student is expected to be able to:

- Describe possible formation scenarios for our Galaxy and discuss the main physical processes behind them.

- Describe the stellar components of the Milky Way and identify their origin, differences and similarities.

- Discuss the basics of stellar evolution, including kinematic and chemical properties of stars.

- Describe how stars drive the chemical enrichment and evolution of the Galaxy.

- Discuss how large-area surveys can place constrains on the different ingredients currently used to model the evolutionary history of the Milky Way.

Fee info

EUR 0: Students on a bilateral exchange programme do not have to pay. Freemovers are obliged to pay participation fees while tuition fees only apply to freemovers from countries outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland.