Utrecht, Netherlands

Survival Dutch (A0 → A1-)

when 21 August 2023 - 25 August 2023
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 495

Would you like to be able to manage everyday situations in the Netherlands and understand the Dutch culture better? In this course, you will learn about some basic skills in Dutch, for instance, how to introduce yourself. There is also a focus on Dutch culture. How do Dutch people treat each other? What does Dutch food culture look like? What do Dutch people do in their free time? What is expected of you at university and at work? The focus of the course is on listening, speaking and culture. Language and culture lessons take place in the morning and cultural activities in the city in the afternoon.

Course leader

Maud Beersmans

Fee info

EUR 495: Course fee
EUR 200: Housing fee (optional)