Prague, Czech Republic

Behavioral Economics and Public Policy

online course
when 28 July 2023 - 30 July 2023
language English
duration 1 week
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 560

Behavioral Economics and Public Policy course is one of the three courses of the CEBEX Summer School on Behavioral Sciences 2023.

It gives you a theoretical overview of behavioral economics and behavioral public policy. The course lasts 3 days and is worth 2 ECTS.

Firstly, we will get into how human brains work, how evolution shaped our decision making and we will introduce you to behavioural economics, including heuristics and biases.

The second day we will explore how our decisions are influenced by other people, social norms, time, and money.

And finally, you will gain an understanding of framing, default options, and other tools from behavioral sciences for making the most effective public policies.

It is possible to attend online or face-to-face.

You can find more information on our website.

Credits info

2 EC
To obtain 2 ECTS, you need to attend the lectures and take a final exam based on lectures and selected chapters of mandatory literature. The exam will be in the form of an online test and will take place after the end of the program.

Fee info

EUR 560: Online fee
EUR 700: Face-to-face fee