Oslo, Norway

Intermediate Norwegian Language Course

when 26 June 2023 - 4 August 2023
language English
duration 6 weeks
credits 10 EC
fee EUR 140

Course content
Intensive Intermediate Norwegian level II is an intensive course offered in the summer semester. Students work primarily with non-fiction texts and exercises with themes from Norwegian daily life and society. Important and basic points of grammar are examined, and attention is given to variations in the Norwegian language. Students increase their vocabulary and learn idioms and varied ways of expressing themselves in different contexts.

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Course aim

Learning outcome
To understand oral presentations on everyday life and current issues, including the ability to understand the main ideas of radio and television programs. To read textbooks and simple authentic texts and newspaper articles. To have sufficient command of both oral and written Norwegian so that errors do not interfere with communication.

Also available spring semester and autumn semester.

Fee info

EUR 140: Prerequisites
Formal prerequisite knowledge
Applicants must meet the basic requirements for entrance to higher education in Norway. It is presumed that the applicant has passed Norwegian Level I with a minimum of “D” or better in both the oral and written examinations, or Norskprøven level A2. If you have attended a Norwegian level A2 course outside of the UiO , documentation of this (Norskprøven level A2) must be produced on the first day of class. Students who fail to document their A2 level will be demoted to level I. To be admitted you must submit required supporting documents.