Ljubljana, Slovenia

Statistical and Machine Learning Methods for Analysis of Financial Data with R

online course
when 3 July 2023 - 23 July 2023
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 7 EC
fee EUR 500

1. Descriptive statistics and plots, statistical distributions, measures, dependence, tests, etc.
2. Linear and generalized linear models
3. Linear time series models 1: stationarity, autocorrelation, partial correlation, regression, etc.
4. Linear time series models 2: model fitting, selection and prediction
5. Moving average methods and random walk models
6. Volatility models (ARCH and GARCH) and prediction
7. Value at risk modelling and bootstrap methods
8. Classification methods of logistic regression, naïve Bayes, random forest models, etc. for credit rating, bankruptcy prediction, etc.
9. Supervised and unsupervised models and methods
10. Applications and cases studies

Course leader

WIJAYATUNGA Priyantha, Umea University, Sweden

Target group

Master students as well as recent graduates and young professionals who wish to acquire new knowledge in specific areas.

Course aim

- To give good understanding of different types of financial data that can be utilized for making financial and business decisions
- To provide the students with knowledge and hand-on experience on applicable statistical and machine learning models and methods for analyzing these different types of data to extract useful business knowledge
- To familiarize the students using free software tools to analyze financial data

Learning outcomes (students will have the ability to):
- Do predictions and classifications for financial purposes using related data
- Analyze and model financial Risk, value at risk and volatility
- Interpret results from statistical and machine learning models and methods

Credits info

7 EC
Participants can receive the following certificates:

- Certificate of Attendance: awarded to all participants who have completed the full online programme.
- Transcript of Records (with credits and grades): awarded only to participants who complete all course requirements and pass the final examination.

Fee info

EUR 500: See our website for more information.



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