Berlin, Germany

Berlin Drifts

when 31 July 2023 - 4 August 2023
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 250

The workshop is an invitation to explore the dynamic relationship between the human body and their environment, and how this relationship informs, nurtures, and provokes the artistic/aesthetic/ideological work as artists. Using the practice of "drifting," participants will explore Berlin in the open-minded spirit of "Flanerie", allowing themselves to stroll without a destination, being fully in the Now, at different moments of the day or night. Participants will take the somatic experiences of their drifts as a point of departure for the creation of original work. This lab/workshop also seeks to analyze how the performing arts pursue a closer connection between the urban context and the social fabric; how they are reopening a direct dialogue – and a meeting point – between the performance, the city and the citizens.
Note: Some of the drifts into the city will take place outside the studio hour, so plan for extra time in the evenings or early mornings in the first two days of the workshop.

Course leader

Ariel Gutierrez

Fee info

EUR 250: five afternoons 14:00 - 17:15


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