Gdańsk, Poland

Picturing Quantum Weirdness

blended course
when 7 August 2023 - 19 August 2023
language English
duration 2 weeks

The quantum world is always portrayed as something weird, spooky, and utterly impossible to comprehend. How can we ever hope to talk or reason about such a complicated thing? In this summer school you’ll learn how to do just that via a newly developed pictorial representation of quantum processes. This new representation is friendly and intuitive to work with, but at the same time is provably equivalent to the old way of doing things. Using these ideas we’ll explore the breadth of quantum theory, from foundational phenomena and quantum resources to quantum computing and cryptography.

Course leader

Prof. Ana Belen Sainz, Dr John Selby

Target group

Students of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral exact sciences studies are entitled to apply

Course aim

The aim of the Project is to promote and increase knowledge of the foundations of quantum information theory among students, as well as to present the achievements of the Gdansk school of quantum information science and to spread knowledge of Polish culture.

Fee info

EUR 0: Summer school is free-of-charge.
EUR 0: summer school is free-of-charge.