Dresden, Germany

Data-driven Exploration and Design of Materials

when 21 August 2023 - 25 August 2023
language English
duration 1 week

New and optimized materials are the key for a sustainable future. These materials are developed more and more in a multidisciplinary context. The paradigm of data-driven materials exploration combines and bundles the insights from different fields, such as chemistry, physics, computer science and engineering.
The new Research Training Group 1868 "Data-Driven Design of resilient meta materials" (D³) aims at realizing a fully digital, data-driven approach to design meta-materials for the sectors of energy, medicine and mobility. Together with the Dresden Center for Materials Science (DCMS) and the Dresden Center for Intelligent Materials (DCIM), we organize this year's joint summer school from Monday August 21st to Friday August 25th 2023 in Dresden.

Course leader

Prof. Markus Kästner

Target group

Master Students, PhD Students, Post-Docs

Course aim

On every day, there will be a keynote by an internationally renowned scientist. There will be lectures by the members of the GRK2868 and the the Dresden Center for Intelligent Materials (www.dcim.science/people) about the subjects of the day. They will give a beginner-friendly introduction to their specific methods of their field. In the afternoon, our speakers will give insights into cutting-edge research with contributed talks and hands-on training. On the end of the days, we will visit member institutes in Dresden.

Fee info

EUR 0: For admitted applicants, participation will be free of charge.


The participating students will be selected from the applications as soon as the application period ends (June 30th). Selected participants will be awarded a scholarship to support travel and accommodation costs.