Lucca, Italy

Filmmaking Summer Course

when 17 June 2024 - 14 July 2024
language English
duration 4 weeks
fee EUR 3500

Explore our unique filmmaking training programs:
Intensive Film and Acting Course in English, 100% practical: Immerse yourself in a comprehensive program designed to elevate your filmmaking and acting prowess. Our courses are conducted in English to cater to all aspiring filmmakers.
Create your movie: the whole experience aims to create, shoot, edit, and deliver a short movie, all within one month of a rollercoaster activity!
A Team of Industry Professionals: Learn from experienced professionals who have made their mark in the film industry. Benefit from their insights and guidance as you navigate the complexities of filmmaking.

Italian courses: For those who wish to have Italian knowledge, an additional Language pack can be added.
Personal Growth Workshops: Beyond technical skills, we offer workshops that foster personal growth. Develop the mindset and resilience needed to navigate the competitive world of cinema.
Unique Local Experiences: Cuisine, Art, and Culture: Enrich your experience by delving into the unique offerings of the Tuscan territory. From culinary delights to art and cultural exploration, our program extends beyond the studio.
Scholarships: we foster creativity, our scholarships are awarded to International students who meet the eligibility criteria and whose creative submission is selected by the Scholarship Committee.
Lodgement options and other discounts are available upon request. Ask for more info on our website

Course leader

Accademia Cinema Toscana (ACT) is all about the magic of movies! The Campus is located in Lucca, Tuscany and offers many possibilities: large auditorium, quality equipment, library, canteen, housing – all to live with us the Filmmaking Experience.

Target group

young adult
film enthusiast
pre-graduate school student

Course aim

Get a taste in filmmaking, take part in the creation of a short film.

Credits info

By completing this summer course with the add-on Italian language module you will be entitled to apply for our full-time three-year courses starting in November 2024.

Fee info

EUR 3500: Fee includes 4 week practical workshop, quality equipment, completion certificate.
Discounts and early bird fee available through the website of ACT.


Scholarship opportunity available