Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Finland

Nordic Product Design

when 22 July 2024 - 2 August 2024
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 590

Nordic Product Design is a two-week intensive interdisciplinary summer course focusing on a distinctive approach towards the design of products, materials, and systems in the Nordic context. The course explores themes of design thinking, merging it with the current trajectory of Nordic design with an emphasis on functionalism, ecological principles, sustainable futures, aesthetics, materiality, and critical design.

The initial phase of the course aims to develop a well-rounded theoretical understanding of these themes in the socio-cultural context of Nordic Countries, with a particular focus on Finland. This stage bridges theory and its historical and contemporary practices using visual materials, films, interactive dialogues, and assignments. The second phase is more hands-on and emphasises practical explorations. It includes workshops, site visits and experiments where students work in both group and individual tasks.

The course aims to foster a holistically creative process that extends from ideation to creating actual artefacts. At the end of the course, students will be able to develop a unique approach to solving and questioning design problems, anchored in the Nordic approach to design thinking and practice. The course further encourages students to apply these design strategies and solutions in their own international context, contributing to global design perspectives.

Course leader

This summer course explores the Nordic aspect of design, emphasising sustainability and ecological thinking, as well as functionalism and critical design.

Target group

undergraduate students and recent high-school graduates

Course aim

- Understanding Nordic Design: Developing an understanding of design history, contemporary design and design-thinking in Nordic countries, particularly Finland.

- Practical Application: Developing theoretical and practical knowledge in ecologically driven product and material design via team and individual assignments, workshops, and site visits.

- Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Exploring themes of design thinking and critical design in the creative process to solve design challenges innovatively.

- Sustainability and Ecological Values: Developing theoretical and practical knowledge in ecologically driven product and material design.

Fee info

EUR 590: tuition fee


Unfortunately, Aalto University Summer School does not offer scholarships for participants.

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