Online, Switzerland

Applied Digital Health for Health Systems Strengthening

online course
when 22 August 2024 - 24 August 2024
language English
duration 1 week
credits 1 EC
fee CHF 850

Digital Health has a major role in strengthening health systems around the world, including in low- middle and high-income countries. Governments, NGOs, and donors are increasingly turning to digital health interventions to improve access and quality of health information, enhance healthcare processes, achieve better quality of care, and improve patient outcomes. In order to efficiently plan, implement, and supervise digital initiatives, related actors and stakeholders need to have a good understanding about digital solutions. Therefore, this course offers participants the opportunity to familiarize with essential concepts, technologies and policies about digitalization in health care. Initial sessions will provide the requisite terminology and classifications of digital interventions that are important for a professional dialogue and systematic planning. Further, the course will outline the key conditions and practical elements that are key for successful and sustainable digitization projects. Case examples will be displayed and discussed to illustrate the necessity of a systematic approach to plan and execute new interventions. Other specific topics will provide participants with knowledge that is important in a wide range of digital projects, such as the interoperability of electronic systems, data protection and information security as well as lifecycle management of digital goods. Digital tools are increasingly used in order to facilitate clinical decisions based on individual health information. The course will also introduce the concept and technology related to Clinical Decision Support systems. Participants will thus obtain a good understanding about the benefits, usage and management of digital decision support systems.

Despite all the potential, the many implications of eHealth (e.g., clinical, legal, technological, or social points of view, to name a few) often contribute to making initiatives complex and challenging endeavors. On the other hand, health systems are increasingly dependent on digital solutions, despite the widely acknowledged gaps in the evidence-base behind them. Therefore, it is crucial that decision-makers have a comprehensive understanding of Digital Health – what it is, what are its implications, benefits and barriers, what are the best practices – so that interventions can make the best use of such technologies to improve the health of populations.

In this highly interactive course designed for people in all types of settings, we will focus on developing a robust understanding of the implications, constraints and opportunities in the application of digital health in a health system. Participants will be able to assess scientific and experiential evidence and translate their utility to various contexts. At the same time, we will also focus on using Clinical Decision Support systems as means of strengthening primary care workforce and enhancing the quality of care.

Course leader

Martin Raab & Fenella Beynon - PhD

Course aim

By the end of the course participants will:
- Obtain an overview of key concepts, terminology and classifications in digital health;
- Understand the implications, constraints and opportunities in the application of digital health in a health system;
- Be able to understand international best practices and success factors in digital health;
- Be able to critically assess digital interventions;
- Gain introductory knowledge of Clinical Decision Support systems as means of strengthening primary care workforce and enhancing the quality of care;
- Have the essential knowledge required to take managerial decisions related to digital health.

Credits info

1 EC
To get the Certificate of completion and the 1 ECTS participants MUST:
- Attend at least 80%of the course;
- Attend the plenary(s) offered during the days of the course;
- Actively participate in group works.

Fee info

CHF 850: Early bird price until May 1st.
CHF 1000: Normal Price after May 1st.


Discounts are available for PhD and Master students and participants from LMICs. Some scholarships are available especially for participants from LMICs.