Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Finland

Introduction to Creativity

when 19 July 2024 - 2 August 2024
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 590

The ability to think creatively is a critical asset in today’s society and working life. It allows us to stay innovative and approach challenges with new perspectives and out-of-the-box thinking while navigating the complexities of the modern world.

The course Introduction to Creativity gives you fundamental knowledge about the mechanisms of creativity. After the course, students will be able to understand the definition of creativity, innovation and imagination, factors that enhance and kill creativity, intuition as part of creativity, and limitations as a resource for being creative.

This interdisciplinary course welcomes students from all fields: engineering, business, education, arts, and others who are simply curious about tapping into their creative potential. The students are encouraged to find new cross-disciplinary perspectives and get to know their strengths through a series of lectures, workshops, discussions, and assignments.

The course aims to explore the creative process with examples from the creative industries and art. With instructors hailing from the film industry, the assignments involve writing, but various other creative exercises are explored as well.

Course leader

Creativity allows us to view and solve problems and complex challenges more innovatively and open-mindedly. This summer course will give you the tools to unlock your own creative potential through hands-on exercises tied to creativity.

Target group

undergraduate students and recent high-school graduates

Course aim

The course offers a broadened view on creativity, making tacit creativity visible. After completing the course, the student is able to:

- integrate academic and practice-based creativity research knowledge with their real-life challenges

- recognize various implications of creativity in the creative process, the creative product, and the circumstances influencing creativity

- grasp the mechanisms of creativity in group collaboration and individual settings

-understand how imagination, senses, emotions, and subconscious work together in the creative process

Fee info

EUR 590: tuition fee


Unfortunately, Aalto University Summer School does not offer scholarships for participants.

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