Loutí, Czech Republic

Resilience and Nature Intelligence as Tools for Our Children in a Threatened World

when 5 August 2024 - 9 August 2024
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 230

Our children are facing challenges that we are neither aware of today nor can we properly assess their extent. Instead of the canon of knowledge of the last century, they therefore need a resilience and adaptability to change as well as a form of intelligence that enables them to take good care of their natural living conditions on a personal and social level.
What can we as nature educators do to promote resilience and nature intelligence in children? How are these two basic skills connected and what practical methods can we use to help children develop them? And finally, how can we recognise that we are successful? After a brief theoretical input on the two terms, I would like to encourage a joint discussion on this topic.

Course leader

Gunter Grün-Oostinga

Target group

forest kindergarten Teacher

Fee info

EUR 230: the fee is for whole event