Denmark, Aarhus

Quality Management: Theory, Practice and Research

when 16 July 2014 - 29 July 2014
duration 2 weeks
credits 5 ECTS

During last decades, quality management has become one of the most popular topics both in business and in academia. In recent years, many companies have gained a more favorable competitive position, through improving the quality of its products and services. Given the importance of quality within Business Management, the course has a strategic management profile. The main purpose of this course is to introduce students to Quality Management as a set of actions based on principles and practices that enable the company to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve profitability. Lectures, news, case studies, and an empirical quality evaluation will be run during the course.

Course leader

Leopoldo Guitérrez, University of Granada

Target group

Bachelor's students

Course aim

Students will be able to:

1) Understand the role of Quality management as a competitive variable. 2) Situate quality management as inherent part of Operations Management organizational strategy. 3) Elaborate proposals based on Quality Management variable related with competitive profile, organizational performance and operations management strategy. 4) Understand the relevant theories, trends and debates related to the field. 5) Plan and organize Quality Management diagnostic studies. 6) Assist as support staff in research projects.

Fee info

EUR 0: Students on a bilateral exchange programme do not have to pay. Freemovers are obliged to pay participation fees while tuition fees only apply to freemovers from countries outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland.