United Kingdom, London

Survey Research Methods: From Design to Analysis

when 14 August 2017 - 25 August 2017
language English
duration 2 weeks
fee GBP 1495

The social survey is a core methodology in the social sciences. Surveys allow researchers to measure attitudes, behaviours, values and norms. This means that survey data can be used to study a wide variety of research questions: including questions about variation between groups or variation over time.

This course will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of survey research methods. It will focus on all aspects of the survey research process, from the design of surveys prior to data collection, up to and including the analysis of survey data and reporting of results. Participants will develop specialist knowledge about a range of issues, including different sources of bias, response psychology, measurement theory, and non-response.

By the end of the course, participants will have a greater ability to critically evaluate survey-based research, including both academic and non-academic publications. In addition, the course will provide a dynamic environment in which to develop a range of practical and technical skills. This includes the ability to design high quality surveys, and the confidence to analyse and interpret complex survey data using different statistical techniques. The aim is that participants will continue to benefit from the course throughout their careers, whether as consumers, users, or producers of research.

Course leader

Ben Wilson

Target group

This course is ideal for advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, early-career academic researchers, and researchers in the public and private sector.

Course aim

Participants will:
- Gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire survey research process.
- Be able to assess the quality of (1) existing surveys, (2) survey data analysis, and (3) reporting about the results of surveys – e.g. in published research.
- Gain the ability to carry out or commission high quality surveys.
- Gain an in-depth understanding of the different ways of conducting survey research, including face-to-face, internet, postal and telephone surveys.
- Learn about the fundamental links between concepts, measures and empirical data in the context of survey research. This includes how to define constructs, how to measure these constructs, and how to design questionnaires in order to minimise bias.
- Learn about survey data analysis, and gain practical experience of analysing survey data using regression models that take account of different aspects of survey design such as stratification and non-response.

Credits info

Students who wish to receive credit for their course will need to contact either their Study Abroad Office or the office in their university that deals with external credit. It is up to students' home institutions as to how much credit is awarded but the Methods Programme Office is happy to provide any necessary information to your registry or academic advisor, to help them evaluate the courses.

Fee info

GBP 1495: Student rate - available to current university (including PhD) students.
Academic staff and staff of UK charities are eligible for a reduced rate of £2,230.
GBP 2800: Standard rate


Previous students of LSE may be eligible for a 15% discount on their tuition fees.