Milan, Italy

Democracy and Regime Changes in Arab, African, and Asian Countries (taught in ITALIAN)

when 15 September 2014 - 16 September 2014
duration 1 week
fee EUR 200

The important changes that are going on in the different countries of the Arab world have led to the international community's attention the question of overcoming authoritarian and dictatorial regimes in these as in other emerging and developing countries. In these areas, the demand and the spread of democratic institutions has generated important challenges and questions about the functioning and future of democracy. What are the foundations of the democratic model which the citizens of the countries troubled by phases of reform and regime change seem to aspire to? What triggers the dynamics of protest and transition, and what are the possible outcomes? Is democracy sustainable only in countries that have reached a certain level of economic development or, conversely, can be a root cause of the rapid economic growth in the poorest countries? The introduction of elections and political pluralism is an instrument of integration and overcoming conflicts between different communities within the same country, or it risks to polarize relationships and make it more difficult to live together? The Islamic world poses a challenge to the compatibility of democracy? What paths of reform is following the Chinese regime? And yet, how these hybrid regimes that were halfway between full democracy and a hard authoritarianism work? These and other issues are discussed and examined in a systematic way through a series of meetings that combine the analysis of global processes of spreading democracy through the study of specific cases, with particular attention to the transitions of the Arab world’s countries, the relationship between political regime and economic growth in China, and the overcoming of conflicts through democratic progress in the sub-Saharan Africa.

Course leader

Giovanni Carbone - University of Milan

Target group

The course is intended for:

- Students
- Graduates
- Young professionals

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EUR 200: The EUR 200 course fee includes all instructional materials