Nantes, France

International Marketing and communications in the EU

when 2 June 2020 - 5 June 2020
language English
duration 1 week
credits 4 EC

This course focuses on the creation of effective communications across differing cultures.
How do advertisers then develop communications that will work across differing cultures? How can they be sure that a message to young mothers in Germany will mean the same in Southern Italy? Are children, or car drivers or grandmothers the same all over Europe? Or is every culture, sub-culture or segment unique?
Should multi-national enterprises standardize or adapt? Is adaptation, and therefore, fragmentation of the brand image inevitable? Or does standardization rule, killing creativity...and effectiveness?
This class will take students through the process of developing effective communications that speak to universal human experiences through an understanding of the values, attitudes and beliefs of consumers. We will analyze examples of advertising and the strategies that support them, look at models that help plan communications and learn how to develop insight into the needs and wants of target consumers.

Course leader

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Target group

Upper undergradaute students. Master's degree students or young professionals are welcome as well.

Course aim

Students will be able to apprehend the European market and to tap it more efficiently.

Credits info

4 EC
4 ECTS - 2 US

Fee info

EUR 0: 50 euros application fees for all students
EUR 500: 500 euros/ module for free movers
offers with accommodation included from 600 euros/week on: contact us for more details