Italy, Pisa


when 26 September 2016 - 30 September 2016
duration 1 week
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 200

Full title: TROPICAL-PLUS - Up-to-date methods for the Radiolabelling Of Peptides, Immunoconjugates and Cells, and their (pre)cinical application and basic Principle of imaging acquisition and interpretation

The use of radiopharmaceuticals, in particular radiolabelled peptides, antibodies and immunoconjugates and cells is raising becoming more and more important in translational research. This Summer School is design to bring together professionals from different disciplines (medicine, chemists and biochemists, physics, pharmacy, technical science, nursing) that would like to learn more about preclinical research in the field of radiopharmaceuticals as well as on their diagnostic and therapeutic applications. During the Summer School we aim to present the most innovative technologies for radiopharmaceutical developments from the synthesis to the choice of chelators and radionuclide, on the pre-clinical testing that is necessary to evaluate the efficacy of the compound. To this aim experts from all over Europe will provide their expertise on modern technologies of chemical synthesis, innovative approaches in the field of radioimmunoconjugates and drug delivery, techniques for cell elements isolation, principle of generators function, basics of radiolabelling with radiometals and radioiodine, basic of cyclotron production presenting advantaged and limitations of every single technique. Elements on compartimental analysis, basic principle of NM equipment, imaging acquisition, quantification and interpretation of data will be also provided. The Summer School is based on the use of innovative didactic techniques and blanded learning that would complement the frontal didactic. Each day in the afternoon, after the lectures and the case studies, laboratory sessions with practical demonstration of the instrumentation and devices will be held, thanks to the participation of manufactures that would provide their top line market products.

Course leader

Prof. Paola Anna Erba
e-mail address:

Target group

Open to: university students, residents and professionals - nuclear physicians, chemists/radiochemists, biologists, pharmacists/radiopharmacists and physicists – and manufacturers/companies

Course aim

“Up-to-date meThods for the Radiolabelling Of Peptides, Immunoconjugates and Cells, and their (pre)clinicAL application and basic PrincipLe of imaging acqUiSition and interpretation”

Exciting international three-week intensive course (6 CFU) covering theoretical/applied aspects of peptide radiolabelling to gain skills to stay competitive professionally!

Fee info

EUR 200: university students, postgraduate students (residents, fellowship, PhD, post-doc), trainees
EUR 300: others

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