Netherlands, Utrecht

Physics of the Climate System

when 17 August 2015 - 28 August 2015
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 840

Physics of the Climate System addresses how the laws of physics affect our climate. The Summer Course focuses on the following topics: the interaction of radiation with atmospheric constituents, the circulation in the atmosphere, and the circulation in the oceans. The fundamental physics taught during this course are at the basis of correct understanding of current global warming and climate change.

We consider Planet Earth as a rotating sphere, which is covered by oceans and the atmosphere. Earth constantly receives energy through solar radiation. However, the energy is not evenly distributed. Clouds or ice surfaces reflect sunlight, whereas air above dark land heats up quickly. This uneven distribution of energy sets fluids (like atmosphere and oceans) in motion and determines our climate.

The summer school 'Physics of the Climate System' consists of three basic parts:
• Core lectures
• Thematic talks
• Project work

Course leader

dr. R. Holzinger

Target group

Advanced bachelors / beginning masters with a strong background in physics and mathematics as well as proficiency in English. Applicants go through a selection procedure

Course aim

Obtaining insight into the fundamental processes that drive the climate system

Credits info

3 EC
+ certificate of attendance

Fee info

EUR 840: Including housing
EUR 500: Excluding housing


Scholarships are intended for talented students with limited financial resources. There are scholarships in the form of (partial) fee waivers for course fee and/or accommodation.
There are no travel grants.

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