Paris, France

The Sorbonne in English | No.1

when 11 July 2022 - 15 July 2022
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 450

The Sorbonne Summer University offers 14 cycles - 12 in French and 2 in English - taught by academics from the Sorbonne University.

What are the main characteristics of France (art, literature, geography, history and science)?

Medieval Paris
Rose-Marie Ferré, Art History, Faculty of Arts & Humanities Sorbonne Université
Can we sell culture as a product? France responds
Yann Migoubert, Greek, Faculty of Arts & Humanities Sorbonne Université
The transformation of modern societies
Louis Dupont, Geography, Faculty of Arts & Humanities Sorbonne Université
Imagining California: Visual arts and national identity in the nineteenth-century American West
Carolin Görgen, English Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts & Humanities Sorbonne Université
> From the early nineteenth century, California would play a key role in the construction of American national identity. The new territory in the West rapidly became the preferred location for artists who designate its monumental landscapes and mineral riches as the promised land for an expanding nation. Through paintings and photographs, this class traces how visual culture – specifically, the production of artistic objects and their circulation – would place California’s regional features at the heart of a grand national narrative. The aim of this class is to explore the many links between artistic production and the construction of national identity, all the while questioning the impact of this western mythology. The class will also provide methodological tools for analyzing and contextualizing art works, for example through the lens of eco-criticism.
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Target group

Students, tourists, or curious Parisians ! No knowledge of French required!

Course aim

Discover the ongoing debates in various scientific fields, while delving deep into the French civilization and being taught by professors from the renowned Sorbonne Université.

Credits info

A course certificate will be delivered.

Fee info

EUR 450: Full price