Netherlands, Middelburg (NL)

Excellent Learning through Teaching Excellence

when 22 June 2015 - 25 June 2015
duration 1 week
fee EUR 1925

In this course we aim to address the issues that allow experienced teachers to become excellent teachers. In order to do that we will look into the principles of course design, syllabus design and course initiation, presentation and implementation. The nonverbal aspects of excellent teaching, such as voice and speech are also addressed. An essential aspect of excellent teaching is that teachers and students establish a highly fruitful working relationship. This highly exclusive seminar is a cooperation between University College Roosevelt and the Harvard University 'Derek Bok Center'.

In the course, we will build upon the principles of social psychology to establish a good working relationship. Having established this, the choice of work forms become relevant. We offer a range of interactive work forms that will allow for a rich learning environment. To find out whether a particular work form is suited for a particular topic and you as a teacher, we use so-called microteaching, which basically entails a role play of the class situation where your colleagues play the student role.

To enhance excellent learning, we will extensively look into the principles and methods of feedback. First of all feedback from students to instructor. But we will also focus on principles and methods of providing students with feedback on their learning and their learning achievements. The role and contribution of teaching with technology to these ends will be paid attention to. As well as important skills for students such as information problem solving skills. Finally, we will focus on how putting all this together in future course manuals that are maximally informative to both students and peer staff.

Throughout the seminar emphasis will be on interactive teaching and the centrality of flexibility. This means teaching without delivering monologues; bringing information in questions and answer forms; using student knowledge and seemingly irrelevant answers to deepen understanding; work in couples, small groups with a variety of assignments and present their results to the class; inspire students to help each other to understand course materials; engage discussions and debates; and enrich the course by encouraging them to bring in relevant materials, activities, speakers, and participants to the class.

In addition, in order for participants at the seminar to be able to have special areas of interests be addressed and/or exchanges in depth their own experiences and insights with one another, round tables will be organized on two of the seminar days and participants will be invited to bring in topics. Also an ‘open market’ will be organized where participants can present innovations from their own institutions.

Course leader

Dr. René Diekstra

Target group

The program is especially designed for senior teachers and senior instructors at higher educational institutions.

Course aim

After completing this course, instructors will be able to:

1. Independently design a high-quality, excellent learning enhancing and engaging course that has a clear place within the curriculum:

a. Position the course within the curriculum
b. Develop a course manual which provides students with a clear overview of the course
c. Develop appropriate assessment methods for the course
d. Design appropriate in-class educational activities

2. Develop a productive working relationship with students (i.e., creating a safe place in the classroom):

a. Establish the rules of engagement in the classroom
b. Exchange positive and constructive feedback with students
c. Create a relaxed atmosphere (e.g. by means of humor, personal anecdotes)
d. Convey to the students your concern for them as individuals
e. Stimulate students to take responsibility for their own learning

3. Foster learning by using a variety of educational activities

4. Foster learning by continuously and actively gathering and using student feedback

5. Improve their teaching through student feedback

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Certificate of attendance

Fee info

EUR 1925: Course + course materials + housing
EUR 1750: Course + course materials + lunch


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