Italy, San Gemini

The Craft of Making and Restoring Book Bindings

when 30 May 2016 - 24 June 2016
language English
duration 4 weeks
fee USD 3900

This course on the restoration and conservation of book bindings aims to give an overview of book conservation looking at the book as a three-dimensional structure. The course also introduces students to the history and evolution of western book making, from the birth of the book as we see it today (the codex), a completely hand made object, to modern, highly industrialized, book making processes.

Course leader

The course involves both classroom lectures and a workshop and is organized in two parts. The first part covers the history of book craftsmanship and materials, with students creating 4 facsimiles based on historical bookbinding methods. The second part o

Target group

Students of the following subjects would find this program useful: book conservation and restoration, library science, library management, archival sciences, management of rare book collections, bookbinding, book design, anthropology and history of technology.

Course aim

The program is aimed at two types of students: those planning to become book conservators, and those requiring better knowledge about care of books and bound material in libraries, archives or museums.
For those planning for a career as book conservators, this is a good introduction to the field that will require further education.
For those planning to manage book collections or archives, it is a good overview of the field and offers insight and experience on how to manage the safe storage, to deal with access and best practices within public collections and to have a better understanding about conservation of library material in general.

Fee info

USD 3900: Tuition
Application fee