Greece, Lesvos island, Molyvos

Nutrition and Biodiversity as tools of Well Being

when 24 August 2015 - 29 August 2015
duration 1 week
fee EUR 250

The term Well Being refers to a lifestyle which focuses on improving human living conditions and personal welfare and prosperity at all levels. It is considered as the supreme good which presupposes physical and mental health in harmony with the natural and social environment and according to the relevant ancient Greek quote “sound mind in a healthy body”.
The modern people live and work with the intention of creating ideal conditions so that their quality of life is optimized. The findings of Nutrition and Environmental sciences, as well as the methodological approaches they have developed, are multifunctional tools in the achievement and long-term sustainability of Well Being.
Recent epidemiological studies confirm that nutrition can be a means of promotion and protection of physical health. Preserving biodiversity and protecting the ecosystems are equally crucial presuppositions of modern people's Well Being. In addition, through the multidimensional value of biodiversity, new nutritional weapons constantly appear to prevent and cure chronic human diseases.

In this framework, the subject matter of the Summer School is going to be developed along three individual axes. The first two axes are going to evaluate the distinctive role of Nutrition and Biodiversity in the Well Being of the modern people while the third one is going to stress the importance of the harmonious coexistence and interdependence between them.

The International Summer School is organised by the Department of Food Science and Nutrition and the Department of Environment of the University of the Aegean. For more information please go to:

Course leader

Constantinos Giaginis, Assistant Professor, Dep. of Food Science and Nutrition, University of the Aegean
Panayiotis Dimitrakopoulos, Associate Professor, Dep. of Environment, University of the Aegean

Target group

Advanced undergraduate, postgraduate, Ph.D. students and researchers in the fields of health and environmental sciences, biology, chemistry, agronomy, medicine, nutrition/dietetics, nursing, physiotherapy and physical education.

Course aim

The Summer School aims at presenting, analyzing and evaluating the crucial role of Nutrition and Biodiversity in improving the quality of life for modern people, as well as highlighting the necessity of a synergistic interdependence between the two so that Well Being is achieved.

Fee info

EUR 250: The tuition fee includes: Educational material, Educational visit, Formal dinner, Coffee catering on lessons breaks.
For participants in the Summer School have been ensured special financial offer for accommodation.