United Kingdom, Cambridge

Philosophy **Ages 15-18**

when 22 July 2017 - 5 August 2017
duration 2 weeks
fee GBP 3695

The Cambridge Summer College is a two-week university preparation programme in the beautiful city of Cambridge. Participants on this programme will live and study at Clare College, Cambridge and select two subjects to explore in depth for the duration of the course.

Students studying philosophy will be asked to consider the problems with the nature of knowledge and reality, and indeed, our moral and political ideologies.

Students will examine some fundamental questions that have plagued people for millennia; how should we decide what best to do? How should we live our lives? Whilst considering ethical concepts, students also have the opportunity to discuss applied ethical issues.

Our course covers a broad range of philosophical writers, from Kant to Bentham and teaches students some of the essential metaphysical and epistemological ideas that dominated early modern thought.

Topics include:

• Utilitarianism
• Kant and the Categorical Imperative
• Miracles
• The problem of evil
• Gender theory
• Morality and religion
• The Teleological argument
• John Stuart Mill and the concept of liberty
• Hannah Arendt and violence

Course leader

All our classes are led by expert Oxbridge academics

Target group

15 - 18-year-olds who are considering studying Philosophy at undergraduate level. No previous experience studying philosophy is necessary.

Fee info

GBP 3695: The course fees include all tuition, accommodation and main meals (breakfast and dinner) at Clare College, Cambridge. Activities and excursions whilst on the programme are also covered by the fee but please note that flights to and from the UK are not included.