Netherlands, Utrecht

Assistive Technology in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation: From Wheelchairs to Robotics

when 4 July 2016 - 15 July 2016
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 905

In this course ?From wheelchairs to robotics: assistive technology in physiotherapy and rehabilitation? students and recent graduates in physiotherapy and related (para)medic fields like cesar kinetics therapy, occupational therapy and nursing will get an introduction to the potential of assistive technology (AT) to support patients and therapists. Some examples of the fields included in this course are:

Mobility and ambulation
From special bicycles to wheelchairs to crutches, from prosthetics to wearable neuromuscular stimulators: technology can help patients to move around more efficiently and independently.

Motor learning
Rehabilitation is all about motor learning. Games and virtual reality environments provide new possibilities in rehabilition, help therapists work more efficiently and give extra motivation to patients.

E-rehabilitation and patient monitoring
Technologies like accelerometers enable therapists to asses a patient?s activity level and gait pattern from a distance.

Domotics and home adaptations
With smart adaptations to their homes, patients can live more independently and safely.

Technology can help people with a disability participate in sports for fitness, competition and fun!

You will follow an intensive program and get lectures from Dutch and foreign experts. During this course, you will visit some health institutes and suppliers of AT in The Netherlands. Furthermore you will learn about ethical aspects, regulations, and financial aspects related to AT.

Course leader

M. de Groot

Target group

Students (2nd year and higher) and recent graduates in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, cesar kinetics therapy and nursing.

Course aim

- To communicate in English within a professional context.
- To get introduced to the possibilities of Assistive Technology
- To be aware of ethical, financial and legal aspects related to
- To experience the use of AT

Fee info

EUR 905: Course + course materials + housing
EUR 555: Course + course materials

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