Denmark, Aarhus

Corporate Communication: Strategic Adaption for Global Practice

when 4 July 2011 - 22 July 2011
duration 3 weeks
credits 5 EC

This course focuses on the process of communication in a corporate context. It explores, analyzes, integrates, and applies the theory, practice, and functions of corporate communication. The combination of a theoretical framework for understanding how these forces influence corporate communication with practical guidelines for effective communication within this framework will also be of value to students of the communication discipline. Course offered by Department of Language and Communication, Aarhus School of Business, AU.

Course leader

Michael Goodman, The City University of New York

Target group

Seats are distributed according to:
• Relevant education (MA)
• Achieved ECTS
• Grade point average on the achieved ECTS

Course aim

By the end of this seminar participants should be able to:
• demonstrate an understanding of corporate communication theory and practice
• understand relevant literature
• understand the impact of communication technologies on corporate communication practice
• form a research plan
• analyze corporate communication issues
• propose effective solutions to corporate communication problems
• demonstrate the ability to integrate corporate communication theory and practice
• demonstrate mastery of professional written and oral presentation styles
• analyze and evaluate the nature of the global corporation and its relationship with its stakeholders
• implement the strategies and methods corporations use in their relations with critical communities and constituencies
• analyze the issues facing corporate communication professionals in a global environment
• create a Strategic Corporate Communication Plan

Fee info

EUR 0: Visit website for information regarding fees