Italy, Pisa

Grounded Theory and Qualitative Methods

when 6 June 2016 - 10 June 2016
language English
duration 1 week
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 420

It will be a five-days, intensive course mainly devoted to practically introduce participants to Grounded Theory and Qualitative Methods, with the aim of giving answer to questions such as “how to do research”, “how to collect, analyse and interpret qualitative data”, “how to write a research report” based on research findings. This Summer School focuses on improving participants’ skills in using grounded theory strategies to help increase the incisiveness, clarity, and creativity of the research work. These classes will help retain the flexibility of grounded theory while furthering the conceptual depth and scope of analysis. We will emphasize how to (1) develop and recognize powerful codes, (2) engage in comparative analysis, (3) strengthen emergent conceptual categories, and (4) integrate these categories into a coherent and compelling report, (5) satisfy quality in qualitative analysis, (6) communicate findings and (7) deal with CAQDAS to improve analyses. We will also address the fit between grounded theory and symbolic interactionism and how the method and perspective complement each other. We will use a free, multi-platform, simple software to learn how to support analysis with computers; furthermore, each day we’ll reserve a special room to freely speak and discuss about our own experiences in qualitative research, in special sessions called “group work and participants’ corner”.
You will also actively attend a Workshop on “Qualitative research traditions in Europe”, to understand advancements and developments of qualitative methods in european academic and professional environment

Course leader

Prof. Andrea Salvini

Target group

Professors, students, researchers, legal scholars and professionals

Fee info

EUR 420: PhD
EUR 360: Students

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