France, Villeneuve sur Lot

Renaissance Painting Techniques for Contemporary Artists

when 4 July 2016 - 25 August 2016
language English
duration 8 weeks
fee EUR 3200

of the ATELIER NEO-MEDICI, invites
students and professional painters to the
Aquitaine region of France, for a two month
intensive painting workshop.
Pelizzari teaches an approach to painting
known as the "technique mixte",which has
its antecedents with the early Northern
masters (Jan van Eyck). This technique
employs a tempera underpainting over
which oil colours are glazed,enabling the
artist to achieve a profoundly intricate level
of detail and greater luminosity of colour
than oil paint alone can produce.

Course leader

Gregory Pelizzari- an American artist living in France since 1974. His intensely realist paintings explore the contrasts of nature and civilization. His work is exhibited in the USA, England, Switzerland and France. Galleries and exhibitions include: Cent

Target group

art students and artists

Course aim

The Atelier Neo Medici is a private Art School offering Fine Art intensive courses in Drawing and Painting. Its mission is to provide the best education in drawing and painting through study of the history, traditions, and principles of the Renaissance Techniques, thereby establishing a comprehensive foundation for the development of the artist.
The “Atelier Neo Medici” believes that in
order to create constant art, i.e., art which
trancends the fashionable, it is necessary
for the artist to have had a comprehensive
background in traditional techniques. The
quality of a painting can be assessed in
term of its technical virtuosity e.g.
composition and color harmony,or treatment
of light. As Plato wrote: The Good is the

Fee info

EUR 3200: Deposit:
We ask for a deposit of 350 € * to secure your place ; this will be applied to the program cost.
the remaining sum of 2850€ payable on beginnig the course