Germany, Bayreuth

International Economics and Management - Developments and Debate

when 3 July 2016 - 16 July 2016
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 10 ECTS
fee EUR 1320

Week 1
Economic Growth & Development: New International Perspectives
Three hundred years ago, most of human society was caught in a Malthusian trap. Income was low, income differences across societies were relatively small, and life was “nasty, brutish and short”. Since then, modern economic growth has lifted some economies out of abject poverty and propelled them on a path of persistently increasing incomes so that now incomes in the richest economies are higher than those in the poorest economies by a factor of 50! We will address the questions: Why are standards of living growing so much faster in some countries than in others? How do economic policies influence economic growth and development?

Beyond pure aspects of economic growth, we will also discuss more social aspects of economic development such as the role of institutions, inequality, gender, finance, and child labor. Many times, the common opinion on these issues misses important aspects and well-intended policies can turn out to hurt the very people they are intended to help.

This course will combine empirical and theoretical analyses and try to provide a better understanding of these phenomena in a global context acknowledging vast international differences in social and economic settings and outcomes.

Week 2
International Management
Trends in globalisation are widely discussed in economics, business management, politics and many other fields. Technology and information allows us to get a sharper view of what is happening, and how we shape, and respond to, developments across borders. In this International Management course, we look at the impact of globalisation on businesses and their leaders, and evaluate in a critical way what globalisation means, especially in the context of a rising China and Asian region. Through discussions and case studies, we learn more about the role of business and the challenges for management when they operate in a more open and dynamic business environment and increasingly complex geopolitical setting. We look at intenational case studies, interview executives to find out about their challenges and choices, and give special attention to the role of China and Chinese companies. You will apply a critical analysis to theoretical models and apply this to real examples. Through discussion and analysis, we expect participants to shape their own views and interests, supported by academic learning and lots of examples from the practice of international business.

Course leader

Week 1:
Michael Jetter, PhD
The University of Western Australia
Dr. Gerhard Glomm
Indiana University

Week 2:
Meng Fanchen
Beijing Institute of Technology
Prof. Wei Shen
Lancaster University Confucius Institute / LU Management School

Fee info

EUR 1320: Students from partner universities may qualify for a reduced tuition/fee waiver