Spain, Barcelona

Data Analysis and Experimental Design with R (Advanced Level)

when 11 July 2016 - 15 July 2016
language English
duration 1 week
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 400

This course is concerned primarily with data analysis in the field of public health, looking at how data can be harnessed to protect and improve the health of individual communities and entire populations. The populations considered can be as small as a local neighbourhood or as large as an entire country. The course covers data analysis and experimental design using the R Project free software environment, examining how it can be applied to public health.

This course covers the following areas of data analysis:

Introduction to experimental design

1. Data and databases
1.1. Experimental data and processing
1.2. Databases
1.3. Data structure
1.4. Large data files
2. Design of factors
2.2. Decomposition of variability
2.3. Parameter estimation
2.4. ANOVA table
2.5. Multiple comparisons
2.6. Kruskal-Wallis
2.7. Robustness of design
2.8. Designing random factor effects
3. Design of two-factor crosses
3.1. Fixed, random and mixed models
3.2. Parameter estimation
3.3. ANOVA table
3.4. Multiple comparisons
3.5. Generalization to k-factor
3.6. 2k designs
4. Designs with nested factors
4.1. Designs with nested and crossed factors
5. Multiple regressions
5.1. Parameter estimation
5.2. Correlation coefficients
6. Multivariate data analysis
6.1. Principal component analysis
6.2. Discriminant analysis
6.3. MDS
6.4. Cluster analysis or classification
7. Survival analysis

The course will combine theory classes with the discussion of real examples and group exercises. This course forms part of a group of three complementary courses, together with Evaluation of Public Programmes and Policies, and Public Health: Updating Methods and Topics.

Course leader

Jaume Canela-Soler . Tenure Professor of Public Health. Faculty of Medicine. Universitat de Barcelona
Antonio Monleon Getino . Associate Professor of Statistics. Faculty of Biology. Universitat de Barcelona

Target group

International Stidents and professionals interested in Public Health related issues and Data Analysis of statistics

Fee info

EUR 400: Registration opens on 22nd February 2016 and closes seven days before a course starts.
EUR 360: Registration can be completed online or in person.