Ireland, Galway

Practice Based Play Therapy (P Cert/Dip)

when 3 July 2018 - 17 July 2018
language English
duration 2 weeks
fee EUR 3

The Postgraduate Diploma/Certificate in Practice Based Play Therapy is a part-time, blended learning programme which builds on your practical experience, enhances your skills through exposure to theory, policy, research and experiential learning opportunities. It has been developed to meet the identified needs of practitioners in the play therapy sector who wish to pursue accredited programmes of study in a flexible manner, complimenting and supporting their continued employment.

The emphasis in the course is about you - your experiential and your practical training. It’s what you will be able to achieve in working with children through play that’s important – not just your theoretical knowledge.

The taught element of the programme is organised as a 15-day residential summer school at NUI Galway, followed by independent study, course assignments and a clinical practice component of 100 hours working with children. This workload normally requires a maximum of 20 months spanning over two academic years to complete. Students can exit the programme at the end of stage one or progress into the second stage - the Diploma phase which has a similar course structure of 15-day residential summer school, course assignments and 100 hours of clinical supervision. Students are supported in their assignment work by their course tutor and their supervisor oversees their clinical practice module.

Course leader

Monika Jephcott

Target group

If you already have a teaching or psychology qualification, or if you work with children as a counselor, psychotherapist, creative art therapist, nurse or social worker you may wish to add to your therapeutic play skills.

Course aim

The course focuses on play therapy as a method of alleviating a child’s emotional, conduct, social and mental health problems using play and creative arts therapies. Through the various therapeutic processes and techniques it enables children to help themselves and enable their potential. The programme builds on practical experience, enhancing the learner’s skills through exposure to theory, policy, research and work based learning.
Offered in collaboration with the Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy (APAC) – course developers, this part-time blended learning programme provides an opportunity to obtain an internationally recognized play therapy qualification and to become a certified play therapist. The course has been developed to meet the Play Therapy International (PTI) standards of practice and training, in conjunction with Play Therapy Ireland (PTIrl).

Credits info


Fee info

EUR 3: Postgraduate Certificate in Practice Based Play Therapy
EU Students - €3,700
Non-EU Students - €4,200
EUR 3: Postgraduate Diploma in Practice Based Play Therapy
EU Students €3,900
Non-EU Students €4,400