Netherlands, Utrecht

Blended Methodology

when 16 July 2018 - 27 July 2018
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 4 EC
fee EUR 1250

In this course you will become acquainted with the value of ICT-rich education. Hence, you will learn how to incorporate blended methodology (such as ‘flipping the classroom’ and other forms of blended learning) in your teaching practice in a systematic and effective manner, which includes designing assignments that students can do online in a way that not only encourages them to study the online learning content, but also prepares them for achieving more in-depth knowledge during class sessions.

In this course you will become acquainted with the value of ICT-rich education. You will learn how to utilize blended methodology in a manner that appeals to students and increases their overall results. You will learn how to create efficient online assignments and combine these with face-to-face moments enabling a deeper understanding of the learning content to be achieved. All assignments in this course are designed to help you develop your own course step by step. An experienced coach will provide online guidance and feedback.

You will be coached through this course in five steps:
1. The first steps: this is where you are coached to think about moving learning content to a digital environment whereby you analyze the target group; design clearly-formulated learning objectives; provide a good structure, and ensure clear information and navigation simplicity.

2. The Digital Platform: this is where you will learn how you can use freeware and open source platforms, whilst applying the right criteria on which to judge the suitability of the Digital Platform for your course.

3. Providing learning content: this is where you will learn how to present online learning content in an effective and creative manner according to a combination of various blended methodology strategies. You will learn how to design online content in a way that will not only do justice to different learning styles, but also connects to students’ psychological needs.

4. Effective assignments: how can you ensure that students will actually study the online learning content and process the information? This is where you will learn to design activities and assignments in such a manner that motivation, studying of online learning content, and processing the same are ascertained.

5. Coaching: this is where you will learn how to coach your students in an online learning environment, whether through forums, teams or individually.

Course leader

Nanda van der Stap

Target group

(aspiring) teachers

Course aim

At the end of this course you will, by and large, have created your own blended learning course. This course is offered in both 'blended learning' style as well as 'distant learning' style (depending on the number of participants). In both cases the online environment is used for presenting learning content as well as assignments to process the content whilst developing your own course. Throughout the course there is
the possibility of feedback from an experienced online coach.

Credits info

4 EC
Certificate of Attendance

Fee info

EUR 1250: Course + course materials + housing
EUR 900: Course + course materials


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