Netherlands, Utrecht

Animal Models for Psychiatry?

when 2 July 2012 - 6 July 2012
duration 1 week
credits 1.5 EC
fee EUR 375

Functional understanding of the neurobiological mechanisms underlying psychiatric disorders is critical for early disease detection and etiology-directed treatment development. Animal models are essential to tackle these challenges; however, integrated clinical and experimental expertise is needed to develop these models. During this summer school, experts in the field of clinical and basic neuroscience will address the following issues: historical perspectives of animal models; cross-species analysis; a gene found for a psychiatric disease, what’s next; fruit fly or mouse; molecular biology toolbox; how to assess disease core phenotypes in human and animals?

Course leader

Martien Kas, PhD

Target group

This summer school is targeted for advanced master level students from biology, biomedical sciences, psychology and medicine with interest in translational research for brain disorders. This includes advanced master students, early PhD students, medical registrar, medical residents, and psychiatric trainees.

Course aim

1. Learn about existing projects that focus on translational research for psychiatric disorders
2. Learn about novel developments in the field of animal models used in psychiatric research.
3. Participants, organizers, and invited expert lectures will have the opportunity to gain new knowledge on developments in the fields of basic and clinical neuroscience and will be challenged to combine multidisciplinary approaches.
4. Visit clinical and fundamental research labs at the Utrecht University and University Medical Center Utrecht
5. Integrate knowledge obtained during the summer school to understand the pitfalls and opportunities for animal studies of psychiatric disease

Credits info

1.5 EC
Certificate of Attendance

Fee info

EUR 375: Course + course materials + housing


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