Florence, Italy

Christmas Course - Painting and Drawing

when 1 December 2019 - 7 December 2019
language English
duration 1 week
credits 1.5 EC
fee EUR 1600

Christmas is the most important event for an Italian family.

During this time, people spend valued time with their families above all, rather than spending time with friends or boyfriends or girlfriends. When there is family reunion, there is always mamma’s home made meals. The illumination in Florence is not extravagant, but it creates romantic and warm atmosphere to surround residents and visitors.

During the period before Christmas, the whole city is buzzing with festive mood, preparing for the Christmas day. The city of Florence becomes full of people running around for Christmas shopping, preparing gifts and seasonal cards for family and friends, as well as people coming back from work or school outside of the city.

On the day of Christmas, the entire city will be silent as if time has stopped, with occasional interruption by distant laughter or music. After spending Christmas with family, comes the end of the year and Happy New Year with friends and lovers. The city does not sleep all night. Together with countdown, cheerful fireworks and firecrackers, the streets are filled with smoke.

Why don’t you spend marvelous winter in Florence? With Accademia Riaci’s Christmas program, you can enjoy Italian Christmas as you study art and culture. This year, you can choose the subject you are interested in from the following options: Painting, Jewelry Making, Enjoy Christmas, Italian Language, English Language and Italian Home Cooking. All the lessons are available with English interpreter, no worry for language. In case you want to stay in Italy after the course ends, we will be happy to extend your accommodation period upon your request.

10 reasons why you should choose the Accademia Riaci Christmas Course 2017!

1. You can earn credits!
You can earn credits by taking a 1-week or longer program.

2. Variety of Subjects
Select your subject from available courses. You can combine different courses. Please ask for details.

3. Intensive Classes
Intensive course with double lesson hours. Take advantage of thorough learning experience.

4. English language: Learn from native English-speaking instructors
Learn English while enjoying your visit to Florence, Italy. Our native English-speaking instructors make this unique and amazing plan possible!

5. Special welcome kit
With our special welcome kit (guide map of Florence, pen, notebook, file folder, bus pass or ticket), you can enjoy sightseeing Florence from the very first day.

6. Art Visits
Discover the great masterpieces of Italian Renaissance through guided art visits. Great experience to live and study in Florence surrounded by the treasure of history and art.

7. Cultural Visits
Share the unique Italian experience with other students through visit to various interesting locations such as world’s heritages, “Chianti Winery” and/or our unique “Pizza lesson”.

8. Meal and drink Vouchers
One meal voucher or one drink voucher provided everyday. Buon Appetito!

9. Housing
Housing (twin room) is included in the fees. Enjoy your school life with new friends!

10. Interpreter for Art and Cooking classes
The interpreter available during lectures (not during hands-on training): English or Spanish (for other languages, please contact us).

Course aim

Christmas is the best season to study Painting and Drawing in the city of Florence. You can see and feel the joyous yet solemn atmosphere of Christmas in Florence, which for certain will add new inspirations to your artworks.
Depending on each student’s level, experiences and the length of the course taken, our instructors (professional artists) will give hands-on lessons from the basics to the advanced drawing techniques. Also, take advantage of studying with students in different art majors, which is another way of getting fresh inspirations.

Fee info

EUR 1600: Course Duration from 1~5 Weeks
Price 1,600 Euro ~ 4,750 Euro
Detail http://www.accademiariaci.info/academics/christmas-course/