France, Nantes

Marketing of new products and services

when 17 January 2018 - 22 January 2018
language English
duration 1 week
credits 3 ECTS
fee EUR 500

Value creation through innovation and new product development (NPD) is critical for business success.
Nowadays the process needs to address contemporary challenges of the 'triple bottom li ne' where innovation
and NPD have to offer answers to economie as weil asto social and environ mental issues.Sustainable NPD requires not only understanding of a new market drivers, but also an advancement in new
marketing competences, methodologies and pro cesses th at align NPD with CSR.ln this vein the elective adopts a sustainable marketing perspective to how organisations innovate and manage
sustainable product portfolios. lt draws on contemporary marketing practices and analytical toolkits that aid
businesses in developing and implementing successful new products strategies, which blend economie, social,
ethical and environ mental considerations.

Course leader

2 other modules in Entrepreneurship are available in January for 3 ECTS each: "Transforming the organization"
and "From Business opportunity to business plan"
Contact Cécile STEYER: for more details.

Target group

MBA students with at least 3 years of professional experience post graduation

Course aim

To develop an understanding of new product development and product life-cycle management through
the lens ofsustainable marketing
• To develop an understanding of contemporary concepts, models and methodologies of innovation and
NPD and how they relate to market orientation, CSR, market segmentation or product positioning
• To develop analytical and decision-making competences related to the sustainable marketing of new

Fee info

EUR 500: 500 euros/module for free movers