Berlin, Germany

Philosophy and Critical Thinking in the 21st Century

when 29 July 2018 - 3 August 2018
language English
duration 1 week

Where do original insights come from? To what extent are humans ‘logical’ – and to what extent should humans be logical? What are the most common kinds of ‘thinking errors’ – and how can they be avoided? What do we mean when we say something is right or wrong? Such abstract questions arise out of our everyday experiences and reflections. The emphasis on this course is “doing philosophy” by helping students to develop and apply philosophical tools such as critical and systematic thinking, applying rigorous analysis, and constructing arguments to address such questions.

The course is focused on stimulating students’ intellectual curiosity and encouraging them to understand better their own perspectives and those of others, whilst also fostering a spirit of “sharing of learning experiences and thinking critically across artificially imposed subject borders”. Nevertheless, a key aim of this course is to provide a stimulus for students to hone their own philosophical viewpoints. In addition to Dr Martin Cohen’s presentations on Critical Thinking and Thought Experiments, the supporting material for this course also includes contributions from a number of philosophical texts (used for A-level or IB Diploma) by some of the world’s most interesting and influential thinkers.
This enrichment programme is built around four workshops (The Scope of Philosophy, What is Critical Thinking?, Epistemology, and Being Human in the 21st Century) and an assessed student group project presentation.

Course leader

Dr Martin Cohen

Target group

This course is especially relevant for students currently studying UK and International A-level Philosophy, IB Diploma core Theory of Knowledge, and of course IB Diploma Philosophy. However, this enrichment workshop may be of interest to students on other pre-university courses as a refreshing complement to their studies at home. In addition, this workshop is also an opportunity for students to develop highly transferable skills, such as the ability to formulate arguments clearly, to make reasoned judgments and to evaluate highly complex and multifaceted contemporary issues in 21st Century.

Course aim

The emphasis on this course is “doing philosophy” by helping students to develop and apply philosophical tools.

Fee info

EUR 0: 1,450 euro + VAT (19%)