Germany, Berlin

Startup Crash Course: From Idea to Reality - Summer

when 22 July 2019 - 16 August 2019
language English
duration 4 weeks
credits 5 EC
fee EUR 1950

This course is intended to offer real knowledge of how to go about launching a startup. It will have three main parts: the structured approach, communication and real-time experimentation.

The structured approach will be given through lectures and serve as a compass. Communication will come from interaction with startup scene members and on-site visits. Real-time experiment will consist of writing a business plan and scheduling the next steps.

Those who develop a successful business plan may be put in contact with Berlin business incubators.

The main goal of this course is to increase the success rate of startups. We don’t do it, cause we are nice pals. Our business models are based on the success rates of startups. We really hope you will use and share the knowledge you have got here.

Startup crash course offers real knowledge of how to start a company and push it to success. It will have three main parts: the structured approach, real-time experimentation and feedback.

The structured approach is given through lectures and case studies, which serve as a compass. Real-time experiment consists of individual and group work that makes you try all the new concepts and implement them to your business idea. Feedback comes from interaction with successful entrepreneurs and startup scene players.

Those who develop a high quality business model may be put in contact with Berlin startup supporters.

Course leader

- Daria Markova, MBA and MA in Economics
- Mario Steinbuch, Entrepreneur and Startup mediator
+ expert guest speakers from relevant fields

Target group

Anyone who:
- Has a startup idea and doesn’t know how to start;
- Runs a business and wants to improve its performance;
- Wants to become an entrepreneur, but is still unsure abour whether it is the right way to go.

Course aim

- To know where to start when launching a business
- To know which steps to undertake in order to launch a business
- To be able to create a high quality business model
- To be able to pitch successfully to various stakeholders

Credits info

5 EC
5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) for the academic course.

Fee info

EUR 1950: The course fee covers our cultural programme, which features visits to museums (entry tickets covered), guided walking tours of Berlin, a sightseeing boat tour, a visit to the German Parliament (Bundestag), and a trip to the city of Potsdam. Day trips to Dresden or Leipzig will be subject to additional costs and will not be covered by the course fee.