Italy, Pisa

CardioLung 2018: Updates in Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Pathophysiology (course A)

when 18 June 2018 - 25 June 2018
language English
duration 1 week
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 250

Cardiopulmonary health and disease strictly depend on a dynamic interplay between genes, ageing, lifestyle and risk factors. In multidisciplinary sessions, basic and clinical themes regarding established achievements and emerging research directions will be addressed. The need for integration of knowledge finalized to better research and clinical outcome will be highlighted.
Course format
Our Summer School includes a theoretical and a practical part. Plenary lectures will represent the core of the Course (Course A). Lectures will be videorecorded, and made available off-line with reserved access to registered participants.
Hands-on-sessions and live demonstrations from diagnostic and pathophysiologic cardiovascular and pulmonary laboratories will provide an overview on various up-to-date techniques in the clinical research setting.
The main course will be followed by a one-week internship at the clinical units of the Cardiac and Pulmonary University Units (Course B, optional, reserved to 25 applicants upon request).
Course A, Theoretical
• Cardiovascular and Pulmonary disease burden
• Molecular mechanisms in cardiopulmonary disease
• Ischemic heart disease: established facts and new views
• Heart failure as a systemic disease
• Emerging issues in Cardiomyopathies
• Hot topics in Arrhythmias
• Vascular ageing
• Ventricular-arterial coupling
• Atherothrombosis and coagulation
• High blood pressure, diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular disease
• Chronic obstructive and interstitial pulmonary disease
• Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation
• Exercise physiology and cardiopulmonary system in extreme and critical conditions
• Brain – Heart axis
• Ethics in medicine and science

Course leader

Carlo Palombo

Target group

The summer school is targeted at national and international undergraduate, PhD and post-doc students in Medicine and Life Sciences with a specific interest in the cardiovascular and pulmonary field.

Course aim

To provide state-of-the-art and cutting-edge developments in knowledge and clinical approach to major cardiovascular and pulmonary problems. Participants will become familiar with different research approaches to pathophysiology and disease, and will be able to integrate and critically evaluate research reported in literature and its translation to the clinical field. Internship (optional) will provide the opportunity to translate theoretical principles to the clinical practice

Credits info

6 EC
Those applicants attending also the Course B (practical) from june 26th to june 29th will receive 2 additional ECTS (i.e., Course A + Course B: 8 ECTS)

Fee info

EUR 250: Registration fee includes the participation to the Summer School "Cardiolung 2018" and course materials (including videorecordings of all lectures through reserved access), tickets for public transportations in Pisa (either bus or bike), and free access to the Museums of University of Pisa. It does not include meals, accommodation, travel costs.
EUR 0: Applications sent before March 31st will give right to a reduced registration fee (200 €)

Registration fee for Course A+ Course B is € (350 € for early bird registration, no later than March 31st)



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