University of Copenhagen International Summer Programme

Past courses

Marine Faunistics: biology and systematics of marine fish and invertebrates

Introduction to surgery with simulated team-training and clinical experiences

Aroma - the chemistry behind odour

Advanced Methods for the Analysis of Protein Disease Mechanisms

Nordic Health Systems

Observational Astronomy

Screening and Epidemiology

Applications of X-ray and Neutron Scattering in Biology, Chemistry and Physics

One Health

Arctic Health

Econometrics 1

Innovating solutions for Aging populations

Internal Medicine - Course 2

Introduction to surgery with hands-on simulation training

Scandinavian Manuscript Studies

Urban Culture in Theory and Action

Textile and Fashion in Theory and Practice through 3000 years

Applied Economics

Financial Econometrics B - Topics in Financial Time Series Econometrics

Tax Policy

International Nature Conservation

Science Communication in Theory and Practice

The Syrian conflict: Emergent security phenomena and analytical approaches

Biochemistry of Protein Complexes




Behavioral and Experimental Economics

Internal Medicine - Course 1

New Urban Life Across the Globe: Activism and Change in a World of Cities

Roots of Europe - language, culture and migrations

Bayesian Econometrics

The Economic History of Europe

Cultural rights: A promising global discourse?

Organization Theory

Dynamic Political Economy

Advanced Plant Identification

Kierkegaard: The Individual in Global Society

Numerical Methods in Physics

Marine Geoscience