Helsinki Summer School

Past courses

Interculturality in a New Global World: China’s One Belt, One Road as an Example

Problems of Democracy in the Eastern Eu Countries

21st digital century storytelling

Cooperative Law for Sustainable Development

Diversities of Religions and Worldviews in Public Education

English as a Lingua Franca: Changing Language Practices

Environmental Ethics in Our Time: Philosophy and Challenges

Heavy Metal Music in Contemporary History and Society

Political Humour in the Hybrid Media System

Introduction to Conceptual History

Air quality in China

Managing Sustainable Forest Landscapes

Populism in Europe and Beyond

Rhetoric-performative, Post-foundational Analysis in Social Sciences and Humanities

Gentrification and the Welfare City

Feminist Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Finnish Education System From the Perspective of Comparative Education Research

Global Poverty, Human Rights and Development